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I will direct you in a Japanese Kimono Dress with weddings and various scenes.

Japanese Kimono Dress
Japanese Tomesode Dress
Japanese Kimono Mens
Tomesode Dress Charm
Japanese Tomesode dress can be easily worn like clothes.
It is very popular in recent years because it is light and does not get tired easily.
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77 count (1-18views)

Japanese Kimono Dress
Japanese Tomesode Dress

Japanese Tomesode Dress

[About Japanese Tomesode Dress]

Easy to wear and easy to move and less fatigue
The dress tailored from the Tomesode of Japan's first formal kimono is a Japanese Tomesode Dress. See more
Vivid patterns produce a gorgeous chic atmosphere based on black.
Japanese Tomesode Dress is basically tailored with black Tomesode.

Japanese Tomesode Dress

[About Tomesode]

Tomosode are one type of kimonos, one of the highest-rated dress.

[Japanese Tomesode Dress Needs]

*It can be worn at any time. A formal scene is recommended.
*Costumes of relatives of Japanese wedding ceremonies

[Insistence on Japanese Tomesode Dress]

The most important thing in Tomesode is the handle of the hem, Dahlianty expresses it like a picture of the present by connecting all its patterns.
Our Japanese Tomesode Dress has become a dress that exists only one point in the world.


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