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I will direct you in a Japanese Kimono Dress with weddings and various scenes.

Japanese Kimono Dress
Japanese Tomesode Dress
Tomesode Dress Charm
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69 count (1-18views)

Japanese Kimono Dress
Japanese Tomesode Dress

Japanese Tomesode Dress

[About Japanese Tomesode Dress]

Easy to wear and easy to move and less fatigue
The dress tailored from the Tomesode of Japan's first formal kimono is a Japanese Tomesode Dress. See more
Vivid patterns produce a gorgeous chic atmosphere based on black.
Japanese Tomesode Dress is basically tailored with black Tomesode.

Japanese Tomesode Dress

[About Tomesode]

Tomosode are one type of kimonos, one of the highest-rated dress.

[Japanese Tomesode Dress Needs]

*It can be worn at any time. A formal scene is recommended.
* Costumes of relatives of Japanese wedding ceremonies

[Insistence on Japanese Tomesode Dress]

The most important thing in Tomesode is the handle of the hem, Dahlianty expresses it like a picture of the present by connecting all its patterns.
Our Japanese Tomesode Dress has become a dress that exists only one point in the world.


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