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[Kimono to Dress] Suggest your own Japanese Kimono Dress
I will direct you in a Japanese Kimono Dress with weddings and various scenes.

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Dahlia Co., Ltd.
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Managing Director
Yusuke Shimozawa
Yamanote 1-4-1-2,Nishi-ku,Spporo,Hokkaido,Japan
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Payment Methods
You can pay by either credit card or PayPal.
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Credit Card.Payment card brands is possible.
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* If you do not yet have a PayPal account, enter your information from the PayPal payment screen, and the payment by card.
Customs duties
Customs duties are paid by the customer.
Customs duty is a tax imposed on goods imported from other countries.
Shipping Method
JP POST:EMS(air mail)
Delivery area
Delivery is throughout the world.
Shipping Charges : Per Item $48

* I can be limited to countries JP POST delivery.

* Except for solitary islands and the areas that can't be delivered
Notification of shipment at the time of mailing
In the case of mailing we will ship the shipment on the day we shipped. If by any chance contact does not arrive on the shipping schedule date we will sorry to trouble you but please contact our company the next day.
This is because it is to avoid that the costume does not reach by the day by any chance because of accidental accident so cooperation please.
Product display
Material notation polyester notation. Because the kimono of used goods not listed quality notation, I have written on the basis of strict judgment of staff.
Recently, fabrics made from a mixture of silk and polyester are also increasing. There are many kimonos that are difficult for suppliers to identify, and 100% silk / polyester is not guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding.
Price required
for products
Shipping fee
The cost of returning the basting dress is not included in the estimated shipping cost. You are responsible for return shipping costs.
Due Date For Payment
If your payment can not be confirmed within two weeks from order , the order is canceled.
Date Of Delivery
Items will be delivered within about two weeks after the payment is confirmed.
It comes in about three weeks to six weeks if there is clothes repair.
For a custom made, you can deliver in about 1-3 months.
Date Of Delivery varies needs of customers, payment status, by the delivery status. Please consider us as a guide only.
Return And Exchange
Convenience of the customer (mistake with your order, do not like) returned or exchanged after the commodity is sent out with are not accepted.
In addition, the products are subject to expiration can be stored at the shipping company.
Cancellation by the deadline and storage convenience of customers after the commodity is sent out If you are not receive the goods, the goods will pull back to us, you will be charged the commodity price and shipping.
For inquiries about goods after arrival, please within 7 days after delivery.
The quality of the product and packaging Although every effort has been made, when there is inconvenience the event, please contact us by email within seven days after the commodity arrives this time slot.
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