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[Kimono to Dress] Suggest your own Japanese Kimono Dress
I will direct you in a Japanese Kimono Dress with weddings and various scenes.

Japanese Kimono Dress
Japanese Tomesode Dress
Japanese Kimono Mens
Kimono Dress Charm
There are many Japanese Kimono Dress that use hits and furisode.
The gorgeous and gorgeous atmosphere is characteristic.
You can also make a custom Japanese Kimono Dress using your desired kimono fabric.
79 count (1-18views)

79 count (1-18views)

Japanese Kimono Dress
Japanese Tomesode Dress

Japanese Kimono Dress

[About Japanese Kimono Dress]

A Japanese Kimono Dress and refers to what was tailored dress from Japanese kimono fabric.Using a traditional a Japanese kimono, One in the world, We made a dress only for you.A Japanese Kimono Dress gorgeously directing personality of women.

Japanese Kimono Dress

[Japanese Kimono Dress Needs]

· Wedding dress
· Costume in front of wedding ceremony
· Stage costumes for performers and singers · Event costumes such as concerts · Party costumes · Media related clothing such as TV · Winner Ceremony See more

[Insistence on Japanese Kimono Dress]

Dahlianty uses real kimono fabric.
Regarding the 100% made in Japan, it ranges widely from the highest quality full order to the reasonable pattern order.
All our Japanese Kimono Dress are one item.
In custom made, we will send you a dress once with a substitute fabric and wear it to our customers.I will make a silhouette that matches your body by looking at the picture you wear.
This is delicate technique unique to Japan.

[About fabric]

Our shop is preparing kimono fabric to use with custom made.
You can see from Kimono fabric page.
We will search from all over Japan by listening to customer's wishes even in kimono fabric that is not in the shop.


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