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Japanese Kimono Dress Uchikake [Floral]

A kimono-style dress that uses a single sash. A silver belt and gold and silver belt tightening create a luxurious atmosphere.
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Goods name : Japanese Kimono Dress Uchikake [Floral]
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Our Japanese Kimono Dress has become a dress that exists only one point in the world.

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*Kimono-style dress that leaves kimono atmosphere
*Spiping with silver belt on sleeves
*Gold and silver belt fastening
*Drag design like hitting

*Band belt


Types of Kimono Uchikake
Pattern Floral
Color Red
Cloth Silk
Thickness of the cloth Thick
Lining Silk


Dress length 177cm , 69.7inch
Bust 75cm-100cm , 29.5inch-39.4inch
Waist 60cm-114cm , 23.6inch-44.9inch
Hip 70cm-120cm , 27.6inch-47.2inch
Shoulder width 40cm , 15.7inch
The width of the sleeve 31cm , 12.2inch
The height of the sleeve 106cm , 41.7inch
Height of the opening of the side 24cm , 9.4inch
The thickness of the band 13.5cm , 5.3inch
Belt length 119cm , 46.9inch
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① Posterior full length: From the back of the neck to the front hem
② Length: From the top of the dress to the front hem
③ Dress length: From the back of the dress to the long hem
Description of dress length

Vertical distance of side opening
Explanation of side opening of kimono dress

Kimono silhouette reproduced with kimono dress.
Kimono Dress Red Furisode [Floral]1

Japanese New Kimono Dress.
Kimono Dress Red Furisode [Floral]2

A new style called kimono dress that goes beyond the kimono remake.
Kimono Dress Red Furisode [Floral]4

You can also make kimono dress of this design with custom made With different Kimono fabric.
Kimono Dress Red Furisode [Floral]5

Used a silver Band of Kimono & Golden silver string of kimono.
Kimono Dress Red Furisode [Floral]6

Lining is red, silk of Kimono cloth used.
Kimono Dress Red Furisode [Floral]3

Orders can be received by E-mail.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

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