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I will direct you in a Japanese Kimono Dress with weddings and various scenes.

Japanese Kimono Dress Tsukesage [Average]

Pattern is a vibrant chic and an adult atmosphere.

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Goods name : Japanese Kimono Dress Tsukesage [Average]
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Our Japanese Kimono Dress has become a dress that exists only one point in the world.

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* Gorgeous random ribbon that can be attached to the front and back
*Waist band belt

* Waist belt ribbon

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* Satin glove $100
*Remaining fabric $300


Types of Kimono Tsukesage
Pattern Average
Color Gray
Cloth Silk
Thickness of the cloth Thin
Lining Cupra


Length 140cm , 55.1inch
Bust 74.5cm-101.5cm , 29.3inch-40inch
Waist 65.5cm-88.5cm , 25.8inch-34.8inch
Hip 102cm , 40.2inch
Hem width 163cm , 64.2inch
The thickness of the band 7.5cm , 3inch
Width of the ribbon 63cm , 24.8inch
The size can be corrected at the time of purchase.
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① Posterior full length: From the back of the neck to the front hem
② Length: From the top of the dress to the front hem
③ Dress length: From the back of the dress to the long hem
Description of dress length

Upper bust: The distance of one round of the top of the chest
Description of upper bust

Betray Hair Show.
Model: Mai Takada.
Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage22

Miss Universe Japan.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage20

Miss Universe Japan.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage21

High quality with lower standard silhouette with finish kimono dress.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage1

Nice and accented with silver band.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage2

Cool kimono dress.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage3

Arrange the reproduction of Western-style atmosphere of the kimono.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage4

World of kimono has represented intact as possible so the pattern of the kimono.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage5

During asymmetrical volume and eyes to me.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage6

There was now a tradition culture of Japan.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage8

A new style that is not just Kimono remake kimono dress.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage10

Adjust the size with features so tailor made like fit.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage11

Dahlianty original band Ribbon is asymmetrical design.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage9

Band Ribbon is easily removable hooks so you can use as a simple Kimono Dress.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage12

As the event or special occasion outfits are likely to get popular.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage13

When purchasing or renting would like to heal your size are available.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage14

Kimono feel reflected intact.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage15

Thanks to scale-up the clean finish chest line also.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage16

Wedding dress and wedding guest dresses?!

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage17

Chest is a simple design so easy to use.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage18

In a luxury belt Ribbon in green fabric accent.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage19

Craftsmanship is also tightly connected.

Kimono Dress Gray Tsukesage7

Orders can be received by E-mail.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

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