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Japanese Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]

Dahlianty original design.
A Japanese Kimono Dress with a variety of movements that make it possible to wear.
Goods number : 1071
Goods name : Japanese Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]
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Sales Price : $2,700

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Our Japanese Kimono Dress has become a dress that exists only one point in the world.

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*Black Tomesode Temporary feather Unused item
*Style that drags the hem

*Shoulder corsage
*Gold belt, choker
*Tube top, rolled skirt

[Attach option item]
*Remaining fabric $60 (Tomesode only)


Types of Kimono Tomesode
Pattern Floral
Color Black Blue Red
Cloth Silk
Thickness of the cloth Regular
Lining Polyester


Dress length 168cm , 66.1inch
Bust 90cm , 35.4inch
Waist 90cm , 35.4inch
Bustier bust 75cm-90cm , 29.5inch-35.4inch
Skirt waist 55cm-80cm , 21.7inch-31.5inch
Belt length 60cm-76cm , 23.6inch-29.9inch
The size can be corrected at the time of purchase.
Click here for an explanation of the size
① Posterior full length: From the back of the neck to the front hem
② Length: From the top of the dress to the front hem
③ Dress length: From the back of the dress to the long hem
Description of dress length

Upper bust: The distance of one round of the top of the chest
Description of upper bust

A Japanese Kimono Dress with a lot of exposure and a variety of arrangements.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]2

The shoulder corsage used multiple kimonos.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]3

A purple kimono string is an accent. 100% silk.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]4

Kimono corsage is removable.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]5

Gold band choker width 0.65inch length up to 13inch
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]6

Luxurious atmosphere.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]7

You can also make Japanese Kimono Dresses of this design with custom made With different Kimono fabric.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]8

The design that the hem is dragged. The length can be shortened and corrected.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]9

A new style called Japanese Kimono Dresses that goes beyond the kimono remake.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]10

The dress itself is a basic free size.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]11

Black Japanese Kimono Dresses.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]12

Our shop can make your favorite design by custom-made.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]13

When purchasing you can fix the size.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]14

Japanese Kimono Dresses that are popular as wedding dresses for weddings and events at overseas.
A Japanese style where you can experience Japan in traditional Japanese costumes.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]15

Dahlianty original design kimono dress.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]16

Only one item for you only.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]17

Popular with stage costumes and event costumes and party dresses.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]18

It is also possible to tie a kimono string flashy.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]19

Easy to make tube top and skirt (simple specifications that can be fastened sideways)
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]1

Wearing the first design
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]21

Wearing the first design
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]22

The color beauty of kimonos.
Japanese craftsmanship.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]20

Lining is black polyester.
Kimono Dress Tomesode [Floral]23

Orders can be received by E-mail.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

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